Short Story Club is a smaller group within the English Society. We meet semi-weekly-ish to discuss a piece of short media, whether it's a text story, short film, podcast, or etc. It's a laid–back & relaxed time led by our Event Manager, Kate & Publicist, Scott. Readings can be found for each meeting below, and you can join SSC meetings at the appointed time at https://www.bit.ly/engsoczoom.

Know a piece of short fiction we should discuss? Whether text, video, or audio, written by a published author or a student (even yourself!), let us know. Send recommendations to studorg-english-society@uiowa.edu, and we'll consider reading it for a future SSC meeting. 

Friday February 12 - 7:30pm

Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles [READING LINK]

We're reconvening SSC this week with a classic of English-language literature, the fanfic Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles by Grace Ann Parsons, aka proudhousewife. HSPM was written so that good Christian children could enjoy the plot of Harry Potter without all the witchcraft. There are so many questions—is proudhousewife an actual Christian mom? Is this story worthy of its three stars on Goodreads??

Join us Friday to discuss all of this and more! Read HSPM at this [READING LINK], and join the zoom at 7:30 at www.bit.ly/engsoczoom.