Dear fellow English undergraduates,
We are the Change UIowa English group that launched a petition calling for university administrators to address the racism in teaching and hiring practices at the English Department. We have received tremendous support from you, as well as the larger University community—thank you!
As we have been in talks with departmental leadership, we have decided to form a new, entirely student-seated committee called the Change UIowa English (CUE) Committee to ensure long term accountability and cooperation with the English Department and the University. To that end, we are looking for new members.
The Change UIowa English (CUE) Committee will be a group of undergraduate English, English & Creative Writing, and English Education students that serve as a voice to improve the quality of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the English Department at The University of Iowa.
It is important to note that the CUE Committee is a liaison between the undergraduate English community and university administration such as the Division of DEI, the Chair of the English Department, and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. We strive to share authority with all individuals within the English undergraduate community and are happy to hear from this community to advocate for them.
We are looking for 4-6 undergraduate English, English & Creative Writing, and English Education majors to sit on the CUE Committee for the 2020-2021 year.

While we are mostly looking for students in their second years and above, enthusiastic freshmen are welcome to apply and will be evaluated on the same level as other applicants.

If you are interested in joining this Committee, please apply by completing this Google Form by Sunday, October 4th, 11:59PM. After the deadline, the Change UIowa English Petition group will vote and elect new members.
Please read through the full details of our mission, vision, and responsibilities as carefully as you can:


Please note: There is no official qualification needed to be seated in the Committee, though, we are looking for individuals who demonstrate a strong dedication and care for the future of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the English Department. Any experience or background in DEI is welcome but certainly not required.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to: Shalini Jasti ( | 630-748-9196); Cass Chia (; or John Lyons (